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First responder families are unique. Just like military families, the entire family serves which means the stuff your loved one brings home can affect everyone.


  • Want to understand why your first responder spouse or significant other is the way they are? 

  • Are you wondering where the person you married went?

  • Do you find yourself feeling shut out or unable to communicate?

These are just some of the things we hear from first responder families which is why we created our First Responder & Family Wellness & Resiliency Workshop.


Our 8 hour workshop addresses these questions and much more, like why it seems that your first responder partner or spouse would rather "hang out" with their first responder friends than with you?

Our First Responder & Family Wellness & Resiliency Workshop will provide you with the tools to help with communication. You will learn why building in transition time between getting off shift and walking in your front door is critically important.

You will leave the workshop with a toolbox full of wellness & resiliency tools which you can use at any time.

If you are a first responder, spouse of a first responder, significant other, child, partner, or family member then this workshop is for you.

Registration is required. $50 per attendee over age 13.

Click here for a schedule of our events and to register or call 469-232-7894 to schedule a PRIVATE family event for your department.

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